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Welcome!  Thank you very much for visiting us! 

For more than 20 years, Dr. Zhang has utilized her extensive knowledge and solid training in Chinese medicine, combining with western modern technology in her treatment to provide quality care to her patients.  She established Research Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1991 and has earned an exceptional reputation in her practice and unequivocal trust of her patients.

Developed and researched by her the unique and effective hair loss treatment - "new integrated treatment method" has produced sustained excellent results over the years.  This method treats hair loss and balding symptoms based on patient's age, time, nature, causes, and severity of hair loss.  Depending on each patient's diagnosis, Dr. Zhang designs an individualized treatment plan, methods including: researched and produced by her the all natural Chinese medicinal herbal hair regrowth tonic, Chinese herbal shampoo (for dry, normal and oily hair), Chinese herbal medicine, acupressure, scalp massage, acupuncture, infrared treatment.  Under normal circumstances, in about 3 - 6 months you will be excited to see new hair growth.  The overall success rate of patients who undergo Dr. Zhang's treatment is about 97%.

Dr. Zhang also specializes in all kinds of pain relief, menopause symptoms and weight control using combination treatment of acupuncture, acupressure, massage, Chinese herbal medicine.

We thank you for taking the interest of exploring our website to find out the effective and safe hair loss treatments and support we have been providing to many, many of our patients.  We believe we can help you too!  Please do not hesitate to contact us!

To your good health and happiness in life!


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Are you agonized over your hair loss problem for years?

Are you searching for effective and safe hair loss treatment?

The answer is Dr. Zhang's New Integrated Treatment Method -

*Summer Grass Hair Regrowth System - All natural and precious Chinese medicinal herbal ingredients

*No known side effect

*Clinically proven very effective to stop hair loss and regrow hair

*Personalized treatment plan


• Antiaging Skincare Makes you look youner and radiant
• 锁龄技术,打造您青春靓丽的容颜


We accept insurances, workers' compensation and Medi-Cal.